I’ve Just Given Birth, When Can I Start Exercising Again?

This is a time old question that ladies ask frequently - and so I thought it would be useful to pen type some thoughts for you all.  

Exercising during and after pregnancy seems to cause some confusion amongst mamas who are wanting to get back into shape after having their bundle of joy.

My answer, in a nutshell, to this very common question is very much based on YOU!

Let me break it down..



If you are a mama that wasn’t used to exercising and you had no complications, then it’s sensible to take a slow approach. 

It’s important that you heal and gradually build up your stamina, strength, and flexibility until you’re at that stage where you can do conscious strenuous movement without discomfort. 

Take those vital days to rest for at least six weeks before you commence any exercise. 

Baby steps are important.  Listen to your body and increase the intensity as you feel stronger. 

If you do not feel confident exercising on your own, then work with a trainer/coach (ahem like myself) until you feel comfortable working out on your own.  



If you have a history of exercising regularly. Your pregnancy was straightforward, with little or no intervention, nor tearing and your healing is going well - there is no reason why you can’t start exercising once those vital six weeks of rest are over and you have stopped bleeding. 

Starting gradual and working your way up to what you were doing pre-pregnancy is the best way to go for these types of mamas. 

Again, baby steps are important.  Listen to your body and increase the intensity as you feel stronger. Stop your exercise routine when you feel any pain.  



For the mama who experienced complications and has done little or no exercise pre-pregnancy - my advice would be to listen to your body! 

Let the scars heal first (whether that is a tear or a c-section wound). Don’t rush into exercising even when the bleeding stops.  

It’s important, that if you are this type of mama, you work closely with your Ob-Gyn who will be able to direct you when it is right for you to start exercising.  

I would also recommend that you work with a trainer/coach until you feel you can confidently work out on your own.  You are more than welcome to contact me. 



The advice for this type of mama would be the same for the easy going mama with a difficult birth.  Take your time, let the scars heal and do not rush to exercise.  Your body will thank you for taking a cautious approach.

As with the athletic mama with no complications, start gradually and work your way up to what you were doing pre-pregnancy. 

Be guided by your body and stop your exercise routine when you feel pain. Work to your maximum even if that means a gentle routine for a while. 

It is prudent that this mama, and the other mamas mentioned above, take medical advice before starting any type of exercise postpartum. 

Some final words:  The answer to this question isn't straightforward  - but as with all things holistic, YOU are unique and how you move, breath, feel and relax will be different to the next person. 

What works for you may not for others. 

So on that note: LISTEN TO YOUR BODYbreathe the way you need, move the way your body requires, and relax the mind in a way that works for you. 

Drop a comment and let me know which type of mama you are?  Looking forward to connecting with you.

Stay blessed, 

PS:  Before you start exercising postpartum, don't forget to check if you have a diastasis recti so that you can work out safely.  Don’t know what diastasis recti is?  Read more here. 

Published on Nov 29, 2023 • 2 min read
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